Regal Performance Welding Inc.
About Us
With 17 years of welding experience in the south Louisiana oilfield, Keith Boutte founded Regal Performance Welding in 1997. having knowledge of down hole mud motors, Keith began to present his knowledge of hard surfacing to local mud motor companys. Within weeks jobs ere secured and Keith began working long days repairing and coating mud motor parts for clients in the Lafayette, Louisiana area. Soon he hired and trained additional welders for this unique type of welding and coating application on such tools.Over the years, Regal Performance Welding became known in the area for its quality and experience in delivering premier hard surface coatings.  Regal does its utmost to stay abreast of current welding application as well as products to improve the life of down hole drilling tools.

The Plasma welding at Regal Performance Welding has competed with with Laser Clad Coatings. Using a powder form of hard surfacing material in the PTA process produces results that have been very favorable to our clients.The lower cost and ability to repair existing coatings without having to remove such coatings, make the PTA process more attractive as well. The same powders used in Laser can be used in the PTA application.
While the PTA process produces the best results, Regal's MIG welding process  has stood the test of time and is a great alternative. The MIG process has slightly lesser bonding and wearability results. This process uses less heat and gives a distinct advantage when warping or heat distortion is a concern. The MIG material is easy to repair and can be reapplied over existing material for a quick and more cost effective repair.
Both processes are highly recommended.

Our Mission Statement

Regal Performance Welding strives to supply customers with quality, precision, and cost effective welding processes to benefit all involved. In an ongoing mission, we train and certify welders in order to employ qualified personnel who produce quality work. We seek the latest technology, methods, and procedures to ensure Regal Performance Welding is doing everything possible to give its customers the performance needed for their equipment.Management at Regal Performance Welding desires to create an environment between customers and our employees to achieve a unified working relationship benefiting the industry and its people. We at Regal Performance Welding seek to answer to a higher call and rely on Him daily in order to achieve our mutual goals.

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